the Rhythm

               "Wake up to the music of life.
       Fall in love with a good story.
              Escape the jaws of death with Lara Croft.
      Stretch your creativity at the push of a button."

Music, games and software soothe our senses, stir our being, jolt our imagination and stretch our capabilities - reviving or remoulding our experiences constantly. At Datapulse, we spread this rhythm of life through our solutions. We help the audio, gaming, software and hardware industries touch lives using our blu-ray disc, digital versatile disc and compact disc as their digital storage media and printed cards as part of their content distribution strategies. In more ways than one, we plug people into a whole new way of working and living….


01 Dec 15- Completion of Share Consolidation

09 Nov 15- Resolutions passed at 35th Annual General Meeting

23 Oct 15- Notice of annual General Meeting




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