Protection of
          Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is the bedrock of innovation and enterprise. The protection of the IP of our portfolio of world-class customers is of paramount importance and we are fully committed to ensure that the trust and confidence placed upon us will not be compromised.

At Datapulse, our approach to IP protection is total, sophisticated and rigorous. From top management to ground staff, we actively promote a culture of respect for IP. We recognise that our customers have entrusted us with their most valuable assets and we honour this trust by firmly committing to active protection of their IP.


We exercise uncompromising security controls throughout the plant with 24 hours surveillance and monitoring. Stringent procedures and documentation ensure total accountability and traceability in our business processes.

Regular internal audits ensure that our total IP management system is in place and in top form round the clock. Through these conscientious efforts, Datapulse steadily maintains a sterling track record and has established ourself as a reputable business partner.

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